A year later, it's twice as big... and in this economy, that's saying something!

I just got an email from ESA (I'm not sure how long I'm going to do these little parenthetical reminders, but... for those of you who've been living under a rock, that's the new and improved, evolved NBFAA), and it seems their annual Leadership Summit came off really well. I blogged earlier in the year about the upcoming summit and what it hoped to accomplish. Did they succeed in their mission this year? According to the release, yes.
At their first event since voting for a name change, Electronic Security Association (ESA) members from across the nation enthusiastically supported the 2010 ESA Leadership Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 12 – 14. Three days of meetings, seminars, networking receptions and an awards dinner were planned for more than double the number of attendees over last year’s event.
In this economy, any trade event that got bigger since last year is doing something right. Some of the highlights of the Jan. 12-14 event were ESA committee and board of directors meetings (at which the recent FCC public notice on a possible POTS sunset was discussed) and the Young Security Professionals meeting. Educational seminars targeting social media, non-dues revenue and 2010 megatrends rounded out the three-day event. ESA also unveiled a brand-spanking new logo pictured in high res detail below... esalogo And announced a new educational video on YouTube. Here it is: Speaking of videos, I'm going to embed Keith Jentoft's "Video Killed the Blind PIR" video again, too, because it's so much fun. Here it is, and it was no easy feat (all kinds of copyright issues, I guess...) I guess Keith was on the phone with SSN's big cheese Sam Pfeifle today. Keith was apparently in Freeport, just right next door to SSN's global headquarters in Yarmouth. Please, Keith--or any security industry pro.--any time you're in the area, feel free to drop us a line and stop by.


I have to admit, Videofied are an awesome marketing machine and they somehow kept up the momentum right through the recession. Anyone involved in video verification owes them big time as they have created lots of awareness worldwide. They deserve to do well.