Yet another security job board

It's a sign of the times: All of a sudden everyone's got a job board. Maybe you saw ours. It kind of whiffs. The service doesn't accept php files (or something like that) and implied to us that there would be a lot more jobs in the initial phase than there actually are. Anyhoo, it still might catch on if you post some jobs and resumes. It's worth a try. Also, if you're hiring, contact me and I'll let you post jobs for free (I think I have that power). Also, check out this new job board for those of you with security clearance. There are some videos and whatnot to help you understand the government hiring process (with that stimulus bill going through, you can bet Uncle Sam is hiring) featuring someone or other who's supposed to know all about it. All I know is senior technical recruiter Maureen Conte of Intelligence Consulting Enterprise Solutions, Inc., apparently speaks like she lives in 1954. "I'm always eager to assist job seekers with practical, real-world advice," says Conte. "Working with ClearedJobs.Net to help security cleared job folks improve their job searching and interview strategies via online video allows me to help job seekers beyond job fairs. I commend ClearedJobs.Net for taking the lead in helping our men and women in uniform to make a smooth transition from military to civilian employment in the security cleared arena." (You see why I hate press releases? It sounds like everyone made a pact to talk like a fifth grade teacher. Who uses the word "commend?") Anyway, layoffs are happening and people are looking for work. I'll keep posting things as I find them that might be of help.