You asked for it: BICSI/ASIS overlap

My attention was drawn by a commenter to the fact that the BICSI show and the ASIS show overlap later this month, much the way PSA and ESX will next year. The question: Does this matter? First, a note on BICSI, for those of you unfamiliar.
BICSI is a professional association supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry. ITS covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies. It encompasses the design, integration and installation of pathways, spaces, fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, wireless-based systems and infrastructure that supports the transportation of information and associated signaling between and among communications and information gathering devices. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, BICSI membership spans nearly 90 countries.
It's kind of strange to me that there's an entire organization and expo revolving around data transfer. Aren't all of these people parts of other industries? Is there really a common mission that crosses industries in cabling? I guess there is. They list security prominently among its members duties, so is it weird that they're holding their big event in Las Vegas at the same time ASIS is holding their big event in Anaheim? Probably not. The attendees at ASIS are theoretically end users, while the attendees at BICSI are integrators and installers. Although integrators might be exhibitors at ASIS, the vast majority of them aren't big enough to exhibit there, and the big ones are probably going to send sales guys to ASIS and techs to BICSI. As for the vendors, the overlap is just nine (thanks again, Cath!): Anixter IDEAL Industries Keyscan Lockdown Solutions NVT Panasonic Tyco UL ADI is also at BICSI, and not at ASIS, but that makes sense. They don't really have an end user play. The size isn't really comparable, either. BICSI has 107 exhibitors; ASIS has 751 (listed - we'll see how many show up). So, with 872 total exhibitors, there is nine overlap: just over one percent. With PSA/ESX, you've got 242 total booths and 17 overlap: that's just over seven percent. Make of all that what you will. It was an interesting exercise, anyway.


Aren't blogs awesome? So far, a comment on a post begat a (good, well thought out) post, which in turn begat another post thanks to a left comment. Print may not be dead yet, but this is the reason I like blogs better.