Is your central station the awesomest? Prove it.

Time is running out for the CSAA's Central Station Excellence Awards. Monday, March 29 is the deadline for nominations, so get going if you feel your central station should be honored. There are several categories in which to nominate the hard working security professionals in your life. The Central Station of the Year Award, The Central Station Manager of the Year Award, The Central Station Operator of the Year Award, and The Central Station Support Person of the Year Award. CSAA added the support person award this year. From their site:
The Award program added an additional Award this year, the Central Station Support Person of the Year Excellence Award. Is there an exceptional person in your organization other than the central station manager or operator, who makes your central station a better place--perhaps a data entry staff member, a trainer, the IT guru, the tech that fixes everything, the employee that keeps morale high? This Award recognizes the exceptional contributions of that person to the successful operation of the central station.
The CSAA Excellence Awards recognize UL-listed central stations and their personnel who significantly contribute to the alarm profession while providing exceptional service to their customers and community. Judged by a blue-ribbon panel, the awards were established to honor those who have made the most significant contributions to the industry and promote the distinctive level of professionalism attained by UL-listed central stations. I wrote about last year's big winners, DGA Security last November. During the CSAA Excellence Awards ceremony at last year's ESX show in Baltimore, DGA was honored three times, including taking the Central Station of the Year award and the Central Station Manager of the Year award (awarded to DGA central station manager James Riti) as well as receiving an honorable mention for Central Station Operator of the Year (for DGA dispatcher Charles Balletto). Applications for specific awards must be sent to the CSAA by mail and your company's info spreadsheet can be emailed.


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