Zebra Technologies buys proveo, Navis is next

If you're like me, when you think Zebra, you think printers, but the company is rapidly becoming much more than that, turning itself into a major player in the RFID market. This week, Zebra announced an intent to buy Navis, a California-based manufacturer of RFID solutions directed at the maritime market, having been the first to provide automated container terminal operating systems in 1988, which improve velocity and visibility of cargo movement. Considering the SAFE Port Act and its mandates, this seems like a wise investment of $145 million (to be paid in cash). Add this move to the 200 patents the company bought in the first part of this year, and a secondary announcement this week of the acquisition of proveo AG for $16.3 million, getting into the business of tracking ground service vehicles at airports, and Zebra is looking like a force in tracking important things in two rapidly growing large security verticals. Clearly a company to pay attention to. Trackings things as a service could provide a tidy RMR. Oh, and Zebra expects $60 million a year in revenue from Navis going forward.