TechSec, Day 1

Really slammed, per usual, with making sure the conference goes well, etc., at TechSec, but wanted to post the recorded versions of our keynote speaker, Frank Yeh, this morning. At one point, we had about 20 people watching live via the web, which I'll count as a small victory, since no one's ever done it before in security that I know of, and I can't say the quality is awesome, exactly. But, hey, I did it with my phone. Or, rather, Leischen did it with my phone, and you can hear her from time to time. Try to ignore that. So, UStream seems to have broken the hour-long recording into two pieces. In the first, you'll see Tim Purpura, our publisher, and then me, address the crowd. I don't think we totally shank it. There's some interesting stuff there. Then Frank talks and you'll hear all about how cloud computing, virtualization and virtual worlds will affect security. You won't be able to see the stuff on the screen very well, which is too bad, since it's kind of important, but, hey, if you really wanted to see it all that badly, you'd have gotten your ass down here, to be frank (ha! Frank! - I crack myself up). Here's part one: Here's part two:


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