ROTC cadet robbed - wireless surveillance solves the crime

Here's some great press for municipal surveillance systems, wrapped in the filth that is the worst of human nature. In Dallas, some scumbag robbed an 18-year-old ROTC cadet while he was suffering a seizure on the sidewalk. Luckily, a wireless surveillance system not only recorded the crime, but helped police pick-up up the perp returning to the scene of the crime the next day. Check out the video: Security systems catch bad guys. Really. It's not just cool technology, but serves a purpose, and that message needs to be continually pushed, not just for the good of the industry, but for the good of society in general. This story is also kind of personally satisfying for me, as I've written about this Dallas system, installed by Bearcom with Firetide and Sony technology, and we had a presentation about this deployment at TechSec 2007. So the things I write about aren't just theoretical, but practical as well. That makes me feel good.


The technology today has made it to where everyone can afford to protect their home or business by installing a security camera system.