Alarming falses at nuclear facilities

I noticed a sort of alarming trend in my Google Alerts the last few days. It seems there have been some false alarms at nuclear facilities recently, and I find this worrisome. The first false alarm I read about is perhaps the most upsetting to me. It was an actual false security alarm at a nuclear weapons assembly plant... That right there made me go "huh..." Apparently these two guys, who worked at this plant, putting nuclear weapons together thought it would be cool to get their guns and go duck hunting inside the security perimeter of the office. They make nuclear weapons there guys... don't go crouching around in the bushes outside with firearms. What's your security company supposed to think when they're checking the security camera footage on that one? I love this line from the report: "The men apparently decided to use their day off hunting ducks, a pastime in the area." Another popular pastime in the area is assembling weapons of mass destruction. Call me naive, but why do we have a factory where people are still putting together nuclear weapons? Aren't we (or maybe, "shouldn't we be" is more realistic) all about disarmament? Anyway... The other story just came across my desk today and spotlights a loud alarm going off at a nuclear power plant. Apparently, local residents were shaken and called local authorities for answers. No kidding. I hope there's some kind of false alarm fine for the that one. How do you do ECV on that alarm?


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