Wall Street discovering Brink's Home Security, but are they doing their homework?

Here's another Wall Street convert talking about what a smart investment BHS is Mostly, it's more of what we already know: Brink's Home Security is a very well run company. One problem I note, is that this guy's not reading Security Systems News. It's obvious, because loyal readers know well that BHS is about to undergo a major change. The name Brink's Home Security is going away and the company plans to rebrand within the next few months. I'm not doubting the ability of Brink's to survive the rebranding (or acquisition by another brand perhaps?) After all, it will still be a smart company run by smart people. Still, you can't underestimate the importance of brand names. Just look at the buzz caused by Smith & Wesson Security Services when they've barely gotten off the ground.


Ever watch "Brinks" home security commercial ?
The guy calls up the mother & daughter and tells them "help is on the way !" Yea...right ! by the time help gets there the intruder could have killed everyone and set the house on fire ! That's precisely why my wife would be armed and skilled on gun use !!! but wait..Obama's agenda includes the abolishment of your 2nd amendment rights ! Then only outlaws will have guns !

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