Who won't be at ISC West?

Following up on last month's posts about the big shows feeling the bad economy pinch, I got an interesting note from Denise Gadowski at Johnson Controls this morning, in response to a call for ISC West new product information. She says: [W]e will not be exhibiting at the ISC West show this year. There are many reasons for this decision: 1) our dedicated resources that are traveling around the globe to ensure everyone is trained are the same staff that run the booth (I'm running the risk of stretching everyone too thin) 2) the ASIS show is on the west coast as well this year 3) budget constraints force us to look at other ways to market ourselves. We will have representatives at the show and we are working with the show management on other marketing opportunities. Maybe this is just a random occurrence. Johnson Controls is in the middle of a big upgrade in security capability and is focusing much more on their integration business, for example, so they're a little bit of a company in flux and I can see why they'd want to take a year off from ISC West. But I didn't hear anyone complain in 2007 when both ISC West and ASIS were in Vegas in the same year. And Johnson Controls has never been shy at ISC West in my experience. They could have easily just downsized a bit and saved a bunch of cash. I think the "other ways to market ourselves" gets at a growing feeling in the industry that the big shows just don't deliver as much bang for the buck as they used to and I think we would be seeing them start to wane regardless of the economy. They'll continue to have their place, but won't be as "must-attend" as they've been in the past. I'll keep you posted on other ISC West developments.


Hi Sam, Spoke with a number of manufacturers at Intersec/Dubai this week. It seems a lot of companies are pulling out of IFSEC. The most common rationale is that once Norbain declared it was not going, a lot of other manufacturers gained confidence in not going either.

I'd be curious to see if anyone big decides not to go to ISC West. That might make other manufacturers more confident not to go.

On the other hand, I (and I think many manufacturers) see ISC West as the one must go to show for launching new products and marketing to integrators/dealers.

Hey John,
That's a long flight from Dubai to Hawaii!

But, yes, I'm hearing similar things about IFSEC and the big shows in general. I agree that ISC West seems to be the one must-attend for manufacturers, but I'm not sure the integrators/installers can swing it anymore. I'm talking to a lot of guys that just aren't going because Vegas is so expensive and they're staying close to home this year.