American Alarm is Google hip. Are you?


First, a quick primer on Google ads: Basically, you sign up for an account and then you “buy” keywords so that when someone types in that keyword, your ad appears either in that orange box above the real results or in that little “sponsored links” column on the right. The more common the keyword is, the more you pay. And you can bid on where your ad will show up, either first page or second page, etc.

Trust me. You don’t want to bother with the second page.

So, I’m the type of person that types in “security company” from time to time to see what comes up. I like to see whose Google zen is strong and pays attention to SEO, etc.

So, bonus points to American Alarm. When I typed in “security company” this morning, here’s what the right hand column looked like:

American Alarm uses Google, do you?

Since it’s now post-merger, what you’re basically seeing is ADT, ADT, ADT, American Alarm, ADT, ADT.

We all know that there are significant people who don’t want to work with the big giant corporation, no matter what the product is, and American Alarm has set themselves up nicely as the only alternative here to the “big giant corporation.” Well done, I say.

I also think it’s interesting that no one at ADT has converted those ad word buys. If you click on the Broadview one, it still takes you to a pure Broadview sell page that has no mention of ADT whatsoever. At this point, even though the brand conversion is ongoing, it seems like that’s counter-productive. And Brink’s? I guess you want to make sure if people still have a positive association with the brand that you pick them up, but shouldn’t we skip right to ADT at this point and get rid of that “” URL?


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<p>First I would like to say how happy I am to see our efforts recognized. Thank you. Although we take part in a very modest adwords campaign our primary focus for SEO is still organic search optimization. American Alarm &amp; Communications, Inc. is a regional company and to say our advertising budget is dwarfed by ADT would be an understatement. We were also afraid that &ldquo;bullies&rdquo; would want to pick on us and drive our costs up but haven&rsquo;t had that unfortunate experience. We have worked very hard over the past 10 years to get our SEO where it is. PPC is only used to support it.</p>

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<p>It&rsquo;s tough, too, in this industry since the terms you want, basically anything with &ldquo;security,&rdquo; are pretty expensive. I totally agree on the long-term SEO best practices being highly important, and organic search results are much more trusted by the general public anyway, but we&rsquo;ve used AdWords for TechSec a couple of times with very good results. If you can pick the right targeted keyword and you put up a good message in your ad, you can definitely attract people to your web site. Whether you can then convert them is another matter.</p>

<p class="comment_time">July 27th, 2010 at 12:25 pm</p>
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<p>AdWords is OK if you are just gettings started, or have deep pockets. Remember the kid you beat up in the school yard 20 years ago? - He&rsquo;ll have all his mates clicking on your ad&rsquo;s a few times each week, knowing it costs you something every time they click. Risky.<br />
You can&rsquo;t beat good old Search Engine Optimization to get your web site to the top of the of &ldquo;unpaid&rdquo; results. It&rsquo;s a slow process, but well worth it when you get there.</p>