2412SYS by Sensoray offers an outdoor IP-streaming solution

Sensoray has introduced its model 2412SYS, a complete video-over, IP-streaming solution packaged for outdoor use. In converts PAL or NTSC video into an 802.11b stream using the UDP or RTP Ethernet protocol. Optional amplifiers, antennas and a pole mounting kit can extend its range to more than two miles. The 2412SYS accepts a wide range of input power, from 10 to 36 VDC, and draws 6W for one video channel. The bit rate from its MPEG-2 codec can be reduced to as low as 500 kbits/s to minimize bandwidth. A low-latency stream player for Windows is available for near real-time viewing. Also available is Model 2412AP, which acts as an access point by converting wireless data to copper Ethernet.

For more information contact Sensoray at 503-684-8005 or visit www.sensoray.com.

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