AvaLAN's AW5800x

AvaLAN Wireless has expanded its portfolio of products with the AW5800x, a long-range point-to-point 5.8 GHz wireless outdoor Ethernet bridge. The AW5800x offers enhanced capabilities as result of its 5.8 GHz transmission frequency and extremely high receive sensitivity. The system is designed for long-range, outdoor use. It offers over 50 non-overlapping channels with adaptive frequency agility in the uncrowded 5.8 GHz unlicensed radio spectrum. Sold as a kit, the AW5800x includes two radio transceivers, power supplies, two 30-foot Cat5 outdoor-grade cables, Power-Over-Ethernet injectors and mounting hardware.
For more information, call AvaLAN Wireless at 866-533-6216 or visit www.avalanwireless.com.

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