Bosch offers DS291 series duct smoke detectors

Bosch Security offers the DS291 Series Duct Smoke Detectors. The DS291 includes a DS291 Air Duct Smoke Detector Housing complete with a DS260 Ionization Smoke Detector for 4-wire loops and a 1.5 foot sampling tube. The DS291P Air Duct Smoke Detector has a DS250DH Photoelectric Smoke Detector for 4-wire loops in place of the DS260.

The DS291 Series can be mounted through the duct housing and feature a clear housing for easy visual inspections. Magnetic testing can be done without having to remove the cover. Testing from a remote location is also possible. Duct tube filters extend the interval between cleanings.

For more information on the DS291 Series Duct Smoke Detectors Housings, contact Bosch Security at 800-289-0096 or visit

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