Bosch Security Systems unveils new housing

Bosch Security Systems HSG9483 Series Camera Housings are housings designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are made of aluminum and advanced polymers—offering a solution for protecting video surveillance equipment from adverse elements.

The hinged, side-opening design allows access to most camera and lens controls once the housing is mounted. Power, video and lens control cabling can be routed through liquid-tight fittings in the bottom rear of the housing, or via the feed-through entry holes in the base for even better cable management.

The product protects camera/lens combinations up to 317mm in length. Its key features include a design that meets NEMA-4 and IP66 enclosure standards; optional heater and blower; tamper-resistant screws for locking clasps; and mounting holes for installation to a wide range of pan/tilts, adjustable heads, and camera mount brackets.

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