Designated Parking introduces MySpot 200

Designated Parking Corp. has announced the availability of the MySpot 200 parking system. The system is engineered to provide a solution to unauthorized use of reserved parking spaces, access ramps and driveways. The MySpot 200 is powered by a proprietary hydraulic spring mechanism that captures and stores energy from the weight of the vehicle, therefore no external power source is required. A keychain transmitter is provided for remote control of the barrier using personal security codes. The MySpot 200 requires no site preparation or digging as it may be anchored to paved surfaces with supplied bolts, or glued to paved surfaces with an optional epoxy kit. The system is FCC/CE Compliant.

Tested to 20,000 up/down cycles representing more than 10 years time, the system is designed for use by cars and light trucks weighing up to 10,000 lbs/5 tons.

For more information, contact Designated Parking at 973-669-8214 or visit www.designatedpark

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