Digital Acoustics Corp. delivers TalkMasterP2 upgrade for its ii3 IP Interc

Digital Acoustics Corp. has announced the TalkMasterP2, version 1.5, PC console software, an IP-based solution for managing a company’s Ethernet intercom products. TalkMasterP2 supports an array of intercom stations from the company’s ii3 IP Intercom series, which includes desktop units, door stations, OEM modules and wall mount units.

TalkMaster enables flexible point-to-multipoint intercom solutions for single building, multi-facility and distributed communications. TalkMaster also improves fault-tolerance with fail-forward. Should a command center fail, intercoms will automatically seek their next programmed command center. Additionally, TalkMaster’s supervised system feature constantly determines if an intercom is online, with non-reporting intercoms displayed on the console software.

For more information, contact Digital Acoustics at or call 847-604-9256.

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