Digital IDView’s IV-CAMoIP

The IV-CAMoIP Digital video encoder provides users with a cost effective means by which to transition legacy systems into an IP solution. This unit ships with innovative discovery software capable of finding and controlling units across multiple subnets without changing the administrators IP address. The IV-CAMoIP and is compatible with leading third party software and  can be integrated with IDview’s 180 and 360 cameras. IV-CAMoIP units are also compatible with multiple IDview Hybrid DVR systems. The IV-NVR-8809 Network Video Recorder from Digital IDView provides customers with the ability to view Forty Nine cameras simultaneously at a display rate of 30 FPS.  Or a customer could increase to a D1 resolution and view 16 cameras at 30 FPS. This value priced unit will enable users to set up monitoring centers displaying many cameras without breaking the bank. The compact size allows users to create enterprise solutions without massive amounts of space.   


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