DVTel’s SecureLink Network Video Recording System

DVTel Inc. announces the introduction of its SecureLink Network Video Recording System (NVRS).

The SecureLink NVRS is a monitoring, surveillance, and recording software system. It provides seamless digital video management along with audio and serial data transmission and management across an IP network using off-the-shelf hardware—instead of proprietary DVR technology. The system’s distributed architecture supports storage on and off premises, delivers a complete system view from any location, allows for simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations, and supports viewing up to 32 cameras from one PC.

The DVTel NVRS is scalable to fit an end user’s exact needs. It records up to 64 cameras of full motion video or 250 cameras at four images per second (IPS), all on a standard PC. SecureLink NVRS can run mission-critical virus software and uses MPEG 4 video compression.

For more information, call DVTel at 201-368-2615 or visit www.dvtel.com.

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