Edwards unveils Early Warning Signals sirens

Early Warning Signals sirens from Edwards Signaling & Security Systems project a clear decibel level in all directions simultaneously. Featuring continuous duty motors, Edwards EWS Series sirens offer a wide variety of early warning signaling solutions to fit a variety of applications. The series ranges from the single-tone compact EWS-V1 models, rated at 107 dB, for large industrial facilities or small communities, to the single-tone EWS-V3 units featuring projectors in an eight-horn, equal length, single-row configuration, rated at 112 and 118 dB, for warning over long distances. Dual-tone models range from the EWS-V4 Series, rated at 115 dB, to the 125 dB EWS-V8-3.

For more information, contact Edwards at 203-669-3300 or visit www.edwards-signals.com.

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