Elan Home Systems introduces whole house digital power amplifier

Elan Home Systems’ new whole house D1650 digital power amplifier has been unveiled. Another breakthrough amplifier from Elan, the D1650 is a 16-channel amplifier that features Class-T digital technology and 800 plus watts at a 90-percent efficiency rating. It simultaneously delivers 50 watts at four ohms to each of the 16 channels.

The D1650 is able to drive up to eight pairs of stereo speakers, 16 mono speakers or any combination of the two. And, because it is stable down to four ohms, multiple speakers can be connected to each channel without the need for impedance-matching volume controls.

The product also features 16 inputs that can be easily configured for mono, stereo, bussed mono or bussed stereo. Elan also eliminated the need for extra patch cables and Y-cords through two Universal Stereo Bus inputs with buffered outputs.

For more information contact Elan Home Systems at 859-269-7760 or visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

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