Elmo launches new data management package

DataMan-X Software is a new data management package for Elmo Manufacturing Corp.’s X-Series digital video recorders. The software expands the company’s capability to integrate POS, ATM and card access data with video data stored on DVRs. The linking of these forms of data speeds up accurate verification of retail and financial transactions and provides instant visual verification of credit cards and the individuals using them. The software also enables rapid database searches to streamlines analysis and reporting.

This prevention tool reduces employee theft, fraudulent use of credit cards and losses during bank transactions. Critical images can be archived and digital watermarked verification is provided. By interlacing data as transactions take place in real time, the Intelligent Text Feature gives the viewer a complete picture of the activity with clearly readable overlay text.

For more information contact Elmo at 516-501-1400 or visit www.elmousa.com.

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