EverSecure, a Matco Company, introduces the new DVR-2200-W Stand-alone Netw

The DVR-2200-W by EverSecure accepts four composite video inputs and two audio inputs and records the signals digitally in Wavelet compression format on its removable IDE type hard drive. The refresh rate is up to 240 fields/sec, recording rate up to 30 frames/sec for full size and 120 frames/sec for quad size. With its built-in TCP/IP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP and HTTP protocol and network interface, the DVR-2200-W supports remote control and live video, by either local network or Internet, when an IP address is assigned to it. Equipped with auto e-mail warning system and image uploading function, when an external alarm is triggered, a recorded image will be automatically e-mailed to a specified address or sent to a specified FTP site.

The DVR-2200-W provides resolutions as high as 760 x 480 pixels. It supports Multi-AP screens and HTTP display. Recording and playback can be operated simultaneously at client site. It also owns motion trigger recording function, alarm input/output function, video loss detection function on each channel, four times Liner Zoom and PIP/POP function. Quick multiple search can be done by date, alarm or motion list.

For more information, contact Matco at 847-303-9700 or visit www.matco.com.

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