FaceKey expands its Compact Security Suite

FaceKey Corp. has announced that the Compact Security Suite has been expanded to include three products: access control, time and attendance, and PC logon. The products can work independently or together, sharing software and an authorized user database. With its biometric reader, the group also offers other identification technologies such as keypads, proximity or barcodes. The suite concept allows each product to share the same software and the same authorized user database and eliminates the need to enroll users in each product.

Network-based features include central management of facilities, PC access, a built-in time server and low-power consumption. Access control features include calendar and time settings that allow doors to unlock and close in multiple combinations including the option of remaining locked until the first authorized user accesses the reader.

For more information contact FaceKey Corp. at 210-826-8811 or visit www.facekey.com.

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