FCI unveils the System Sensor 5600 series mechanical heat detector

Fire Control Instruments introduces the System Sensor 5600 series mechanical heat detector, a means for property protection against fire and for non-life safety installations where smoke detectors are inappropriate.

Featuring a low silhouette design and available in multiple configurations, the 5600 series is offered with both single and dual circuits. Each model is available with low or high temperature ratings, and fixed temperature or rate of rise activation. The rate of rise element is restorable to accommodate field testing of the unit. The detectors mount readily on single gang or octagonal back boxes, or on a 4-inch square box with the assistance of a square to round plaster ring. The reversible mounting brackets allow for either flush or surface mount installations.

For more information, contact FCI at 781-471-3000 or visit www.firecontrolinstruments.com.

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