HID, NEDAP partner for long distance automatic vehicle ID reader

HID and NEDAP, a Dutch RFID technology manufacturer and systems developer, announce the introduction of proximity card-enabled Automatic Vehicle Identification Reader (AVI) technology.

This new dual ID, long distance, high speed AVI system integrates HID proximity cards with an in-vehicle mounted 'Combi-Booster.' The 2.45 GHz transmitter securely transmits both the driver's proximity serial ID number and an embedded vehicle ID simultaneously.

The new AVI system can be read at vehicle speeds of up to 125 miles per hour and extends the read range of a proximity card up to 33 Feet. The system can be configured to provide hands-free vehicle access to gated and secured areas, without the need to come to a stop.

For more information, call HID Corp. at 800-237-7769 or visit www.hidcorp.com.

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