IEI’s BioRead fingerprint access control system integrates biometric enro

IEI’s new Secured Series BioRead fingerprint access control system integrates both access control and biometric enrollment software. For end-users and dealers, this eliminates the hassle of launching multiple software applications to program and manage a PC based biometric access control system.

The BioRead fingerprint system features BioMatch technology. Up to four fingerprint templates for each user are stored on a contact-less Mifare Smart Card. The reader looks to match the presented fingerprint to a template on the Smart Card before permitting entry.

IEI’s BioReadsystems are turnkey to the dealer and include the fingerprint reader(s); controller(s); PC connectors; programming, enrollment, and management software; as well as installation and programming instructions. All systems are expandable to up to 32 doors per site.

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