Jeron’s sound detection technology maximizes safety and security

Jeron Electronic Systems has announced the release of the Sentinel Sound Detector Substation for the Spectrum430/460 Intercom System. Calls from the Sentinel station to the master station are placed upon recognition of a qualified audio event, such as a scream, a yell for help or other distress call, or by pressing the call button. The tamper-proof speaker and call button combined with heavy-gauge, stainless-steel construction make this station ideal for use in parking garages, correctional facilities and other areas where the station may be subject to physical abuse.

Sentinel stations are available in two and three-gang models. No additional wiring is necessary to support Sentinel functions. Sentinel stations connect to a Spectrum 430/460 Central Exchange using single-twisted pair wiring, allowing easy replacement of existing substations with Sentinel Sound Detector substations.

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