Kaba's E-Plex 5200 and 5700

Kaba Access Control's E-Plex 5200 and E-Plex 5700 are extensions of the E-Plex 5000 Series, which is built upon the Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control. Both the E-Plex 5200 and 5700 can have up to 3,000 access users, and a 30,000-event audit trail. Each lock also holds up to 16 access schedules and 32 programmable holiday/vacation blocks. The E-Plex 5200 is designed for PIN-only access, while the E-Plex 5700 has PIN and PROX access. The E-Plex 5700 can be scheduled as desired to accept PIN only, Prox card only, or both PIN and PROX.
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