Keyscan’s K-WEB

Introducing Keyscan’s System VII K-WEB module, WEB Client solution. This product offers integrators and end-users the power and reliability of Keyscan access control systems combined with the anytime, anywhere convenience of the web. Unlike other web access control solutions available on the market, Keyscan’s solution does not compromise building or enterprise security by placing access panels on the web. The product includes the power and flexibility of K-WEB: -Card Holder Management -Report Generation-System Status & Alarm review. All this performed securely, with a web browser and an active web connection. Best of all, with K-WEB rest assured that the access control database is not being held thousands of miles away in an unseen data center. With the K-WEB solution the access control database is on your server, under your control and security protocol. Now that’s total control.

ASIS Booth No. 429

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