LaserShield Systems, Inc.’s Sparrow

LaserShield introduces Sparrow, the first “Plug & Go” wireless instant home security system for the Internet, at ISC West (International Security Conference & Expo), held April 2-4, 2008 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Sparrow is a high speed Internet adapter that works with the LaserShield affordable instant home security system and digital phones to protect homes 24/7. Sparrow transmits security breach and home break-in information over the Internet from LaserShield’s master 105-decibel alarm unit to the professional 24/7 monitoring service. The monitoring service sends a signal continuously at regular intervals throughout the day to Sparrow to make sure it’s always operational. If Sparrow does not respond back due to loss of power or Internet connection, the monitoring service immediately notifies the owner. With traditional home security systems, if a consumer’s phone lines were cut by a burglar or went down, the user would never know.

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