Napco introduces NapcoAccess PDL5300

Napco Access is an access control system that comes with NAX-200X controllers, AccessPro software and badger video badging software. NapcoAccess works for 10,000 cardholders or 256 access groups per badge. It also features custom personnel fields, 128 schedules, 50 holidays and has built-in system configuration templates. IT friendly, this unit supports up to 5 workstations and comes with badge creation software (NAX-BADGE). PDL5300 is a double-sided keypad PIN-code access on two sides of the door. Its ingenuity grants direction-specific access for up to 2000 users. Easily programmed and time-date stamped, PDL5300 provides 40,000 event-audit trails based on the direction of the door usage. For more information on this product, visit
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