Paradox makes Icon keypad available

Paradox Security Systems has announced the availability of the Digiplex DGP2-640 Icon LCD Keypad Module.

The new 640 Icon keypad uses icons to represent your system status and to identify zones. Various actions can be performed through the 640’s icon-labeled buttons and the system status can be viewed through its various onscreen icons. Its identifiable icons represent all the most common system statuses such as armed, tamper, fire, bypassed zones and alarm memory. The status of up to 16 zones is clearly displayed on its LCD screen. If zone one is open, for example, then the number one will appear on the screen. Zones 17 through 96 can be viewed by scrolling.

The main benefit of the Digiplex DGP2-640 Icon LCD Keypad Module is that it uses a universal keypad and does not require translation. The icons have been carefully chosen to provide clear visual communication of the current system status.

For more information, contact Paradox at 800-791-1919 or visit the company’s web site at

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