Passive Optical Splitter from Communications Specialties

Communications Specialties introduces the Fiberlink 6500 Series Passive Optical Splitter. The 6500 Series allows transmission of video, audio and data signals from one fiber optic transmitter to multiple receiver units simultaneously by splitting the optical power across multiple fibers.

The 6500 Series works with all Pure Digital Fiberlink and Fiberlink one-way systems and offers a cost-effective solution for point-to-multipoint signal distribution over short distances. The unit is available with two or four outputs. Depending on the wavelength provided by the transmitter unit, the optical signals are transmitted over multimode fiber at 850 or 1310 nm or over single mode fiber at 1310 or 1550 nm. Insertion loss ranges from 3.5 dB to 8.0 dB per output.

No power is required, and models are available in card or box versions with ST or FCPC connectors.

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