S2 Security announces the S2 NetBox

S2 Security Corp. has announced the availability of the S2 NetBox. The S2 NetBox is a physical security management system that integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video, intercom and temperature monitoring applications in a small-form factor network appliance that eliminates the need for a PC server. The S2 utilizes a system architecture that moves advanced physical security capabilities to the network edge. This architecture makes it possible to deploy systems of various sizes that scale from single facilities to multi-site organizations connected over a network. The S2 NetBox uses existing LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity in place of proprietary wiring. Users interact with the product through a Web browser and network connectivity and browser-based set interface make the system independent of geography.

For more information, contact S2 Security at 781-237-0800 or visit www.s2sys.com.

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