Sielox’s 1500 Controller X-LAN Ethernet

Sielox introduces 1500 Controller Series Sielox Access Control has introduced its newest Controller. The 1500 Series manages from two to 16 doors in a large (AC-1500L) configuration, or two to four doors with a small configuration (AC-1500S). When used in conjunction with the Sielox X-LAN, up to 32 doors can be managed with a single-Ethernet connection. This new Controller is 32 bit offered with a power supply/UPS module in case of power failure. It can communicate directly to a Pinnacle hardware server via Ethernet or RS-485. New X-LAN Ethernet
Network introduced by Sielox. Sielox, an access control solutions provider, has introduced a new hardware product that simplifies network installation. Known as the X-LAN, it is an Ethernet to RS-485 converter that bridges the gap between standard networks. X-LAN offers an ideal solution for access control installation with Ethernet infrastructure. It reduces installation costs and eliminates the need for extra devices. A main controller is not required, and it handles up to 16 terminal controllers per Ethernet connection.

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