Smarthome offers its PowerLinc IP

Smarthome has introduced its PowerLinc IP, a compact module that allows users to remotely control, monitor or receive messages from home automation devices via SmarthomeLive without the need for a personal computer.

PowerLinc IP controls devices that incorporate PLC/X10 technology, the home automation standard that connects devices via the home's existing electrical wiring. Because it runs on its own internal software, the product can replace a PC when controlling or monitoring home automation devices remotely.

The product works in conjunction with SmarthomeLive, a home automation service that allows users to control a variety of home electronics, to view and monitor their homes and receive alerts from motion-detection, temperature and other monitoring devices via any Web browser.

PowerLinc IP plugs into the back of an Internet router and electrical outlet. No re-configuration of the Internet service provider's security firewall is required.

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