Surveillance technology goes wireless

Image Sensing Solutions Inc. has announced the PRS-24, aimed at retail and financial users and the PRS-2401, designed for security and law enforcement users. The two unit are wireless video recording systems capable of capturing real-time, 24-hour color video or areas whose locations might have prevented the use of traditional recording devices. The PRS-24 Portable recording system comes with a VHS 24-hour "real-timelapse" recorder, a PMI surveillance camera, a smoke detector camera, a hand-held color monitor, a 40-inch power and coax cable, and a built-in power supply and fan. The PS-2401 can work in conjunction with the PS-24 or with any analog PAL or NTSC camera. It can transmit up to 1,000 lines of resolution, is capable of broadcasting up to a mile, and does not require a direct line of sight from transmitter to receiver.

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