System Sensor offers new flow switch tester called Zonecheck

A new series of inline flow switch testers that can help prevent Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is available from System Sensor, a developer of fire and notification devices.

Zonecheck is a self-contained inline flow switch tester system that re-circulates water within a fire sprinkler system, ensuring the flow switch is operating properly. Zonecheck facilitates compliance to NFPA 25 requirements for quarterly flow switch testing without having to open the inspector's test connection, drain the water from the sprinkler system and pay for the treatment or removal of the waste water that may contain chemicals such as anti-freeze or bleach.

Zonecheck saves maintenance staff time, conserves as much as 400 gallons of water per flow switch, per year, and is available for both retrofit and new construction applications.

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