Tamron announces telephoto vari-focal lens

The 1/3 20-100-millimeter F/1.6 aspherical vari-focal lens from Tramron covers moderate to super-long telephoto that insures bright imaging even in dimly illuminated areas. The lens also has aspherical optics that provides image quality in a compact lightweight package. The lens covers an angle of 3.6 degrees x 10.2 degrees at the 20 millimeter setting and a 2.8 degrees at 2.1 degrees at the 100 millimeter setting, which equals to a five-foot area at 100 feet on a 1/3-inch CCD. The lens features locking mechanisms built into each ring and provide a built-in slip mount mechanism for installations.
For more information about this product, call Tamron at 631-858-8400 or visit the company's web site at www.tamron.com.

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