Two varifocals added to Tokina’s product line

Tokina has added the TVR-2514DCIR and the TVR-2714 to its product base. The two varifocals enhance the company’s line of CCTV lenses. The TVR-2714 meets most CCTV applications with its range of 2.7 mm to 12.5 mm, and the TVR-2514DCIR Day/Night lens features an auto iris DC with infrared coatings and optics.

The TVR-2514DCIR was developed incorporating a workable Day/Night infrared varifocals with a responsive range of 450 nm to 930 nm. The applicable zoom range of the lens is 2.5 millimeters to 8.0 millimeters with a 1.4 aperture. This one-third inch CS mount lens is available in DC auto iris.

Tokina’s TVR-2714 lens provides a 2.7 millimeter to 12.5 millimeter extended range and is available in manual, DC and video auto iris versions.

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