U.S Acoustics Technologies offers standalone combination intrusion and vide

The No False Alarm a division of U.S. Acoustics Technologies’ standalone combination intrusion and video system allows a monitoring station to confirm if there is a verified or false alarm in 20 seconds from the time the camera or sensor detects motion. The system includes an eight channel multiplexer. It can work with eight cameras with variable motion detectors and sensors as well as a siren. The system connects to existing alarms, burglar panels and DVR systems. It features four TCP/IP ports. The first port records a clip after an alarm is triggered and sends the clip to the monitoring station. The second port lets viewers come into the site and view it to verify the situation. The property owner can also view it through the third port. The fourth port is used for audio and an IP server.

For more information, call No False Alarms at 510-633-5000 or visit the company’s web site at www.nofalse.com.

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