VCS announces the arrival of its VIP modules

VCS’s tiny VIP modules are full-function network video transmitters intended specifically for bringing the full range of analoge cameras to the IP video world. Built around a credit-card-sized PCB, VIP boards are small enough to fit into existing camera housings and bring full-featured IP-enabled cameras to market.

There are two versions available, the VIP10 and the VIP1000. Both offer high-quality, full-motion, dual-streaming video encoding, with bi-directional intercom audio and full PTZ control. The VIP10 has dual-stream MPEG4 video suitable for most CCTV applications while the VIP1000 adds DVD-quality MPEG2 video for demanding applications. Both also include a full USB port to allow built-in Flash memory and hard-disk recording and a mini-PCI interface for wireless LAN module support.

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