Alan Gillmore IV

Job Title: 
COO and co-owner
Gillmore Security Systems
Cleveland, Ohio

Alan Gillmore IV not only worked his way up to become COO of Gillmore Security, a third-generation family business—he also worked his way from the outside in. 

Gillmore says the CEO of the company, his father and now partner, Alan Gillmore III, “asked me to gain some outside experience before I came to work in the family business.” So the younger Gillmore spent 2.5 years as an investment banker before joining the Cleveland, Ohio-based company nine years ago. Then, he rotated through all the departments to thoroughly learn the business before becoming COO two years ago.

His current goals include doubling the company’s recurring revenue service business over the next seven years and expanding the Cleveland, Ohio-based company geographically, while staying true to “our core values and principles of providing a very high-quality product and service.”

He says: “When people think ‘security,’ I want them to think, ‘Gillmore.’”


To attract more young people to the industry, Gillmore suggests college recruiting—“promoting the stable nature of the business, its recurring cash flow nature,” and the fact it’s becoming a high-technology field.