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Minuteman/Para Systems’ Entrust Series UPSs

The Minuteman Entrust Series UPS provides users with all the features usually found in higher-priced UPS products, including voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, plus battery backup. This series supports security systems, and is ideal for use with DVRs and cameras, access control, telephones, servers and data storage. The small, uniquely designed footprint is ideal for placement on the floor and can also be installed horizontally on a shelf, in a rack, or in cabinet.
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RSI Video Technologies’ Videofied XL

Videofied’s new residential system delivers video and two-way voice over GSM cell for the price of a standard alarm system. The totally wireless system is unplugged, with no AC power and four-year battery life on the panel and peripherals. Wireless MotionViewers use PIR technology to trigger the night vision camera and film the intrusion. Central station personnel immediately see a 10-second clip of the intrusion and use two-way voice to challenge/ verify.
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Samsung | GVI Security’s SCC-B6323/6325/7325

Samsung Electronics’ new 10X Optical Zoom Lens Mini SmartDome cameras are designed to provide flexibility for your security application. Powerful digital noise reduction, 520(Color)/570(B/W)TV lines of resolution and full auto focus functions provide clear, sharp and consistent images. Moving filter allows the true day/night function to identify objects even in dark environments. Easy installation and ability to adapt to the environmental changes quickly makes this camera truly a great choice for variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Ioimage’s ioicam Remote Guard

Outdoor Color Day/Night Intelligent-Video IP PTZ Camera with automatic guard tour, autonomous tracking, remote set up and configuration. PTZ surveillance camera with built-in video analytics specially designed for central stations and remote video monitoring companies. The unit reduces onsite guard requirements and operators’ workload by automatically taking over with remote facility tours and only alarming on pre-designated events while triggering the PTZ to autonomously track intruders while sending alerts and video to the monitoring station.

DMP’s XT Series v102

DMP released the latest upgrade to the XT Series Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panel featuring cellular, dialer and network connections on-board as well as a wireless receiver. With version 102, security is enhanced, operation is simplified for end users, and dealers now have opportunities to earn additional recurring revenue from cellular services. End users can issue SMS commands via cell phone text messaging to arm and disarm their system as well as other commands.
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America On Watch’s Video Surveillance & Access Control Monitoring

America On Watch has introduced a real-time, interactive video and access control monitoring solution. Utilizing SureView System’s Immix platform, America On Watch delivers a single point of alarm management for video, access, life safety and intrusion systems in a single solution. The non-proprietary platform can seamlessly integrate with any CCTV or access control technology available. It offers an intuitive user interface and a secure access portal allows customers to monitor their accounts from any Internet-connected device.

Cernium’s CheckVideo

CheckVideo is an intelligent video verification product that seamlessly integrates with monitoring/automation software to dramatically reduce false alarms while decreasing the burden to operators. Much more than motion detection, CheckVideo allows monitoring operations to define events of interest that may include a person, vehicle, intelligent object motion or video verification of alarms triggered by an external sensor. CheckVideo is IP-standards-based, simple to install and configure, and works with existing analog cameras.

Milestone Systems’ XProtect Analytics

License Plate Recognition is typically used to control vehicle access, such as gate barriers, parking spaces, toll gates, and traffic enforcement environments. The business value of License Plate Recognition ranges from protecting assets and saving cost to increasing customer experiences and generating additional revenue streams. Detect, read and store license plates. License plate information is detected and read from a digital video stream. This information is stored in a database coupled with the video footage.

IQinVision’s IQcameo Software

Enjoy the power of megapixel technology by viewing multiple sub-streams with benefits of reduced bandwidth and storage. IQcameo allows for fast and easy creation of three separate areas-of-interest‚ sub-streams from the full view that are auto-port configured and can be viewed on the cameo page or as separate streams as their own web pages. IQcameo can be used as a configuration tool for NVR integration, or as its own multi-stream viewer for a single camera.

FLIR Systems’ Nexus

Nexus, a new comprehensive software suite from FLIR Systems, lets end users and integrators alike create customizable video and sensor networks quickly and easily. Whether displaying camera video, assembling simple plug-and-play camera networks, or building a sophisticated system of cameras and radars with geo-referenced mapping capability, Nexus provides the software tools and architecture necessary for reliable and flexible sensor integration.