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GE Security introduces UltraView dome

GE Security UltraView wide dynamic range dome camera offers GE’s Xposure technology to process each individual pixel of each frame independently.

The dome camera is wrapped in a compact 5-inch aluminum housing and high-impact polycarbonate dome.

For more information, contact GE Security at 800-469-1676 or visit

Electronics Line USA extends cameras

Crest Electronics Inc. 64 channel CDVS-5464 offers alarm contacts and sensor outputs. It has 64 video inputs.

For more information, call Crest Electronics at 336-855-6422 or visit the company's website at

Mace DVR-HQ series

The Mace DVR HQ series enable high resolution, monitoring and play back options. The DVR features synchronized video and audio recording on every channel, motion detecion, remote liveview, playback and configuration over the Internet and large storage capacity up to 3.2TB.

For more information, call Mace at 954-585-6223 or visit

Gentex announces mass notification device

Gentex's mass notification devices include a wall mount, strobe and horn and strobe.

Each unit is weatherproof and is available in amber, green, blue and red colored lens.

For more information, call Gentex at 800-436-8391 or visit

Dakota Alert adds WPA-3000

Dakota Alert’s WPA-3000 is a battery operated transmitter driveway alarm that includes a magnetic probe to detect vehicles. The receiver monitors four different zones and can send a signal up to 3,000 feet.

For more information call Dakota Alert at 605-356-2772 or visit

Perimeter Products adds FPS-5

Perimeter Products' FPS-5 is a fence mounted sensor that communicates alarm and supervision information and audio on the same integral fiber transponder.

For more information, call Perimeter Products at 510-249-1450 or visit

GasID, Smiths Detection’s new detection and identification product

Smiths Detection's GasID is a portable gas and vapor identifier.

Unknown gases are compared against an onboard database to identify an unknown gas or vapor.

Its database includes toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, volatile organic compounds, flammables and non-flammables. Users can access hardware and software technicians to answer operating questions, as well as contact Smiths Detection’s scientists for data interpretation service.

Geosentry adds MiniTracker-100

The MiniTracker-100 from Geosentry is a small, and portable global positioning system. The system employs a variety of location capabilities, such as enhanced GPS sensitivity, cell tower estimation, and an RF beacon and buzzer.

It uses a GSM cellular communications link to update positions that are displayed and monitored on a web page.

For more information on this product, call 714-279-9505 or visit the company's web site at

Rokonet launches Industrial LuNAR ceiling mount detector

Rokonet’s Industrial LuNAR can be installed up to 28-feet high and includes Rokonet’s Anti-Cloak and Intelligent Digital Signal Processing technology. It provides options for advanced remote control and diagnostics. A bi-directional remote control allows the installer to perform adjustments and checks without climbing ladders.

For more information, contact Rokonet at 800-344-2025 or visit

Inovonics Wireless adds wireless motion sensor

Inovonics Wireless FA206C, a 360-degree wireless passive infrared motion sensor, has a four-element intrusion detector for use in ceiling mount applications and provides protection from intruders by a PYRO sensor element. It is equipped with a special hard lens that provides wide coverage patterns even at low mounting heights.

For more information, contact Inovonics 800-782-2709 or visit