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EasyLobby eAdvance

EasyLobby eAdvance is a web-based, pre-registration program that integrates with EasyLobby’s Secure Visitor Management software.

With eAdvance, an unlimited number of authorized employees can access a customizable visitor form in a web browser for the purpose of pre-registering their visitors.

When the visitor arrives, their license or business card is electronically scanned, and the SVM software automatically matches their name against the pre-registered list and pulls up their record for badge printing.

Arecont Vision introduces AV3130 DayNightP2

AV3130 DayNighP2 from Arecont Vision utilizes proprietary DualBandP2, multi-sensor technology. The AV3130 enables imaging in a wide range of illumination conditions from 100,000 lux to 0.01 lux. It delivers up to 20 fps at a 1920 x 1200 resolution.

For more information, call Arecont Vision at 626-836-6603 or visit

The EX40MNX from Extreme CCTV

The EX40MNX incorporates a photocell-controlled mechanical filter. The EX40MNX uses Extreme’s LXR CCD technology to offer color during the day and sensitivity to IR at night. LEDs deliver 35 feet of night vision for images under zero lux. The camera has local video output, conduit compatibility, and 4.0-8.0 millimeter varifocal auto-iris lens.

For more information, call Extreme CCTV at 604-420-7711 or visit

Pelco introduces ExSite

Pelco ExSite is an explosion-proof integrated positioning system designed to meet hazardous location requirements. The system includes an integrated optics package. It is suitable for extreme environments, including marine applications, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and food production facilities.

For more information, call Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit

Nascom's door track mount

Nascom's N505ATM is an overhead door track mount switch. The N505ATM can be attached to a door's frame to elimate mounting overhead door switches on the floor, where the mounts could be in the way.

For more information, call Nascom at 800-843-5530 or visit

SpeedDome Ultra 7IE from American Dynamics

The SpeedDome Ultra 7IE is a day and night programmable dome from American Dynamics. It is linked with up to 16 patterns and 96 presets. The camera can be programmed for 16 sequences with up to 16 presets each.

For more information, call American Dynamics at 800-507-6268 or visit the company's website at

Crest Electronics makes addition to VisiPro series

Crest Electronics Inc. 64 channel CDVS-5464 offers alarm contacts and sensor outputs. It has 64 video inputs.

For more information, call Crest Electronics at 336-855-6422 or visit the company's website at

Apollo adds network based security system

Apollo’s integrated security system connects components directly to the network. It provides connectivity between sites for installing security systems across LANs and WANs. A single-reader interface can be installed at any location, wherever a network access point is available.

For more information, call 949-852-8178 or visit

IR Security & Safety Wyreless Locking

Wyreless locking systems from IR Security & Safety can be used with retrofit access control systems. The system uses legacy keys and ID credentials. With Schlage wireless systems, installations uses less hardware and install five to ten times faster.

For more information, call IR Security & Safety at 866-332-1237 or visit the company's website at

Speco introduces Triplex digital video recorder

Speco Technologies’ Triplex digital video recorder enables simultaneous recording, playback and Internet access. It features real-time viewing and recording at 120 FPS. The DVR offers MPEG 2 compression to maximize HDD storage and picture quality with individual camera configuration.

For more information, call Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit