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EverFocus adds 520 TVL

The 520 TVL Series from EverFocus achieves 520 Horizontal TV lines. The series is equipped with a 1/3-inch Sony CCD image sensor and the digital signal processor circuitry utilizes an algorithm that separates the luminance signal and the chrome signal.

For more information, call Everfocus at 888-8884-9154 or visit

GE's Topaz now integrates access and video

Topaz from GE leverages a browser-style interface with full color maps and interactive icons to provide integrated access control with video surveillance, alarm monitoring and photo ID badging for systems up to 128 readers.

The software system is packaged in two and four door starter and expansion kits to accommodate field applications.

For more information, call GE Security at 800-343-3358 or visit

On-Net Surveillance unveils NetGuard

NetGuard software from On-Net can view multiple live and playback videos. The software views up to 16 cameras on a network. It searches for recorded events and creates video clips.

For more information, call On-Net Surveillance at 845-369-6400 or visit

Digital Security Controls concoursepro structured cabling Line

DSC concoursepro line is a residential structured cabling solution based on components proven in high-end commercial buildings. Concoursepro is a backloaded system that’s convenient to install, configure and service.

For more information, call DSC at 905-760-3000 or visit

Fargo's card printer and encoder

The DTC300 card printer and encoder from fargo has a print ribbon and card cleaning system. The system comes with entry-level software and a two-year warranty.

For more information, call Fargo at 800-459 5636 or visit

Dakota Alert adds WPA-3000

Dakota Alert’s WPA-3000 is a battery operated transmitter driveway alarm that includes a magnetic probe to detect vehicles. The receiver monitors four different zones and can send a signal up to 3,000 feet.

For more information call Dakota Alert at 605-356-2772 or visit

Edwards Signaling & Security's software

Millennium event driver interface software from Edwards Signaling & Security Systems is a windows-based system that networks remote paging and signaling devices from a computer. The software can be programmed to automatically signal work start and stop times, break times or other timed events.

For more information, call Edwards Signaling & Security at 203-699-3000 or visit

Winsted launches Freeform console system

Winsted’s Freeform console system accommodates one to six LCD monitors using display mounts. The console cabinets are constructed of high durability laminate and feature internal shelving, CPU carriages and concealed hinges.

For more information, contact Winsted at 952-944-9050 or visit the company's website at

Dedicated Micros' Eco9

Dedicated Micro’s Eco9 camera DVMR, offers up to 30 fps recording speed and up to one month’s continuous recording. The DVMR is available in an 80, 160 or 300 GB hard disk storage size.

For more information call 800-864-7539 or visit

Honeywell Power Products adds Access Control Power

Access Control Power from Honeywell Power Products features circuit-breaker protection, LED diagnostic indicators, regulated output and automatic switchover to standby battery upon AC failure. The power supply is UL-listed for access control and fire applications.

For more information, call Honeywell Power Products at 203-484-7161 or visit