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Axis Communications offers 211 Network Camera

Axis Communications’ 211 Network Camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The 211 provides image quality using progressive scan and offers built-in support for power over the Ethernet, motion detection and advanced event management. It delivers Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously, to optimize image quality and bandwidth. The MPEG-4 compression mode can be used when available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required.

For more information, call Axis at 800-444-2947 or visit

Bosch’s VideoJet 10 digital encoder

The VideoJet 10 digital encoder from Bosch delivers real-time video and two-way audio over IP networks for CCTV systems. The digital encoder minimizes storage and bandwidth utilization without compromising live viewing. The encoder can be used as part of a new digital system or integrated with existing analog products and networks.

For more information call, Bosch at 800-289-0096 or visit

Lenel unveils VideoDefender

VideoDefender from Lenel is an IP-based digital video management solution. The user can use a PC as a network video recorder. VideoDefender hardware and software can be configured, managed and monitored from a single administrative workstation.

For more information, call Lenel at 585-248-9720 or visit

Network Video Technologies' twisted pair wire

Network Video Technologies unshielded twisted pair wire CCTV power-video-data product, NV-218A-PVD, incorporates the transceiver engine of NVT’s NV-213A video transceiver to enable a direct video output connection from the camera.

The product adds power and data connections to and from the camera. The unparalleled interference rejection, and low emissions let video signals co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom or low-voltage power circuits.

For more information, call NVT at 800-959-9870 or visit

STOPware's PassagePoint software

STOPware PassagePoint Enterprise v4.5 software is designed for visitor management control. PassagePoint v4.5 includes a system notification feature called SecureView to provide security personnel with system status and security alerts. It incorporates a badge design wizard to generate custom badges with the ability to add 2D barcodes.

For more information, call STOPware at 408-367-0220 or visit

Matco releases IRC-490C

The IRC-490C from Matco is an infrared weatherproof day and night color camera. The camera is equipped with six patented long-range IR lights, which work in 0.00 lux for a visible distance up to 500 feet. The unit employs a Sony 1/3 inch Super HAD CCD color sensor with high resolution at 480 TVL. The IRC-490C is suited for outdoor long distance surveillance.
For more information about this product, call Matco at 847-202-0010 or visit the company's web site at

Advanced Technology Video adds DVR

The Falcon XD series from Advanced Technology Video is a DVR with 9 and 16 camera inputs. It offers four spot monitor outputs as a matrix switcher. The unit features file sizes as low as 3 kilobytes per image. An integrated CDRW drive or USB 2.0 is used for archiving images and output for multi media recording options. Data recorded from the DVR is accessible through a network using the series remote administration software.

9 Corporation offers Theon

The Theon INL08000 from 9 Corporation is a point of protection device used with electrical transient and surge suppression for fire and security alarm systems and equipment. Theon technology provides continuous attenuation to filter out interference on the ground line. The device offers three lines: live, neutral, and ground protection. The system uses multistage non-degrading surge suppression along with common-mode filtering to decrease power surges and sags.

EtherWAN systems releases Ethernet Products

The Ethernet switch series EX96000, EX93000 and EX43000 from EtherWAN systems enable mounting and power flexibility to fit industrial control, transportation and applications. The ports provided with the units may be configured for multi-mode or single mode fiber optic interfaces. Management systems for the units are accessed in a variety of ways, including SNMP or through a web browser. The EX93000 is an eight port hardened switch built on the same platform as the EX96000, but it is an unmanaged switch that does not provide gigabit capability.

Avery Dennison offers Photo ID software Platinum

The Photo ID Software Platinum is an upgrade from previous versions. The software can create customized badges from a blank template or modify pre-designed badges. The program manages visitor profile information, such as deactivate a badge, ban a visitor and reprint badges. The Photo ID software Platinum adds custom informational fields to collect visitor profile information that does not appear on the printed badge. It can also pre-enroll visitors manually and search a pre-enrolled visitor log.