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PassagePoint software from STOPware gets certified by Lenel systems

Stopware's PassagePoint software version 4.5 has been certified with Lenel's OnGuard solution. STOPware is now able to offer integration between PassagePoint lobby management solutions and OnGuard. The features for this version include SecureView, an innovative notification window and a web pre-registration module for navigation and list compilation. It also offers a directory add-on link to support LDAP protocols.
For more information about this product, call Stopware at 408-367-0220 or visit the company's web site at

Securitron adds mortise glass lock with paddle handle

The mortise glass lock with paddle handle from Securitron is designed for use on narrow stile metal or aluminum frame glass doors. The paddle handle features continuous or alternating duty. Styles are available in 1-1/8 inch and 31/32 inch backsets. The lock features a fail secure lock and decorative handle for free egress from the inside.
For more information about this product, call Securitron at 800-624-5625 or visit the company's web site at

Dortronics offers high security electric key switch

The 5241-K65-HS from Dortronics is a high security key switch option for additional level of protection for its 5240 series. The units are available in a variety of models, including one gang and two gang plates for flush wall or surface box mounting and narrow plate for hollow metal or aluminum doorframes. The key operation comes standard as one position, including a key removable option with SPDT K65 contact output.

iAccess Systems adds blood vessel authentication system

The VA100, blood vessel authentication system is a biometric identity and access management device that uses a pin number and the unique image of the blood vessel pattern in a finger for registration and authentication. The image is created using near infrared light and a CCD camera. The system can authenticate an individual with a false acceptance rate of one in one million.

For more information about this product, call iAccess at 562.490.3112 or visit the company’s web site at

Shimon Systems Inc. and Texas Instruments team up to offer BIO-EM

Shimon Systems’ Fingerscan Biometric Embedded Module is a fingerprint recognition module that authenticates users by capturing, converting, storing and matching user’s fingerprint images. The module is a standalone solution based on Texas Instrument’s digital signal processor. The BIO-EM is a flexible module for embedded application that consists of two boards that have DSP, memory, DC-DC power supply circuits, a USB connecter and LEDs.

MDI Security Systems unveils nTEGRITY access control readers

nTEGRITY from MDI Security Systems is designed to integrate with the company’s line of security management software solutions and industry access control systems. The readers can read multiple card technologies including, HID, MiFare and other card formats at both 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz. The access control system enables users to enroll directly at the reader. Users can enter security settings and commands using the readers LCD display panel.

STOPware's PassagePoint software

STOPware PassagePoint Enterprise v4.5 software is designed for visitor management control. PassagePoint v4.5 includes a system notification feature called SecureView to provide security personnel with system status and security alerts. It incorporates a badge design wizard to generate custom badges with the ability to add 2D barcodes.

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Honeywell Power Products adds Access Control Power

Access Control Power from Honeywell Power Products features circuit-breaker protection, LED diagnostic indicators, regulated output and automatic switchover to standby battery upon AC failure. The power supply is UL-listed for access control and fire applications.

For more information, call Honeywell Power Products at 203-484-7161 or visit

Panasonic's Iris Recognition Reader

Panasonic Security Systems' BM-ET330 Iris Recognition Reader features a double speed processor, and an RS485 interface. Additional language is available on the reader that supports audio prompts and a built-in real-time clock for time and attendance applications.

For more information, call Panasonic at 866-726-2288 or visit

DMP introduces Glass Pad

The Glass Pad from DMP is designed for use in residential and commercial keypads. The keypad screen is transparent while in its dormant state. The Glass Pad is compatible with all DMP panels.

For more information, call DMP at 800-641-4282 or visit